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$1 MaxCDN Black Friday / Cyber Monday Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Just let you guys know, SharePress is now powered by the world-class CDN ( content delivery network) from MaxCDN. MaxCDN is one of the best and trusted cdn service provider in the world. It is used by some of the most popular websites like Mashable, BuySellAds, User Voice,thousand’s website etc and is very easy to implement even on any complex websites.

If you don’t know much about CDN, then here some sort of explanation on it. Without a Content Delivery Network, your website will be served from a single server in a single location where your site is hosted. Too much traffic or distance between your server and your end-user,will result in your site speed being too speed slows to a crawl and your visitors’ satisfaction suffers. With MaxCDN, you get multiple servers all over the world ready to deliver your content. Your content speeds along the fastest route to deliver your site to visitors from servers closest to their location. The CDN also takes load away from your origin server so your server stays up, even if your site becomes popular overnight!

Main Features of MaxCDN

  • Easy Software Integration – MaxCDN plug-ins are created and designed with the end user in mind. They provide plugins with easy integration to all most all types of site/scripts. All the CDN modules come with easy setup instructions and full support through their partnership with the dedicated development team assigned to module/plug-in creation and maintenance.
MaxCDN Script Support - Plugins
MaxCDN Script Support – Plugins
  • Global Network CDN – The MaxCDN network optimizes site performance fast and cost-effectively whether it’s next door or around the world.
  • Award Winning Control Panel – Everything that we need to access, manage and upgrade your MaxCDN account services can be found right in the Control Panel.
  • 24/7 Support – MaxCDN experts are available by phone Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm (PST) or available through online chat and through Email support.
  • Compatible with any type of shared hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers / clusters
  • Caching, Combining and Minification of Images, CSS and JavaScript on CDN

Just have a quick check on the features and pricing offered by MaxCDN and other CDN providers like Amazon, cachefly or a dedicated hosting

MaxCDN comparison with other CDN providers
MaxCDN comparison with other CDN providers
$1 MaxCDN Black Friday / Cyber Monday Content Delivery Network (CDN)

So, if you like to speed up your website using a CDN, then its the perfect time. MaxCDN is providing a promotion offer today on Black Friday, new customer can now signup for the service at just $1 ( Rs 51) for 1TB usage for an entire year. That will be too much for a fairly popular blog, or site of yours. To signup please click here to signup for the MaxCDN service.

Link: MaxCDN

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