For tracking our car and other BIG vehicles we got so many cool gadgets. But what about our most loved bikes? MapmyIndia has launched a comprehensive tracking product for your bikes – Rover Bike Tracker. A unique motorcycle tracker that once fitted on your bike, lets you remotely monitor your bike in real-time, get alerts on bike performance and complete journey tracking.

Rover Bike Tracker is basically a GPS tracker with some additional functionalities. It can track your bike in real-time and locate on the map which can be accessed through a secure portal. It provides a birds-eye view of your past journey with turn-by-turn directions, speed indication, detailed journey history, any idle time, ignition status and over-speed reports.

MapmyIndia launches Rover Bike - GPS tracking system for your bike

In addition to all this the Rover Bike Tracker can help you to monitor insurance, PUC renewals and service once you upload the details to the system. It offers real-time alerts over SMS and email. This include alerts when your bike over speeds, alerts when the ignition is switched on or off, alert on entry or exit in the marked location etc.

Rover Bike tracker features

  • GPS tracker that can remotely monitor unauthorised movements of your bike, in real-time.
  • Journey tracker – the path you have travelled, distance covered with detailed bike stats.
  • Real-time alerts – Engine on & off alert, Geo-fence alert, over-speeding alert, insurance due alert, service due alert and PUC due alert.
  • Location sharing, ride history and animated play of previous rides.
  • Fully integrated with mobile apps. Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

How much does it cost? The MapmyIndia Rover Bike tracker will cost you Rs 3,990. This includes the device and SIM charges. You will need to renew the vehicle tracking service every year and this will cost you around Rs 3,500 per year. With every package, you will also get free access to any one of the Indian state MapmyIndia maps.

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