Making a Conference Call

There’s an old saying: “it’s a small world”. In terms of business, that saying has never been truer. No matter what your business is, or how it operates the chances are you will have staff, suppliers and contacts scattered around the UK, Europe or even around the world. The digital revolution means you can keep in touch via text, email and instant messaging. However there are times when a good old-fashioned conversation is required, which is where conference calling comes into its own.

Conference calling offers a greener, cheaper, less exhausting solution to visiting clients, suppliers, colleagues or even commuting to work every day.  The newest trend catching on with businesses, particularly those that fall into the small to medium enterprises bracket, is conference calling. Most organisations now have a global presence, with employees scattered not only across the country, but the world. Web conference calls help organisations bypass having to pay for their employees’ air or train transport and provide a means for them to brainstorm and share ideas with each other and their bosses in a work-like environment without having to travel.

Check the Infographics on learning the step by step guide to making a conference call. (click on the image to view it in full size)

Making a Conference Call [Infographics]

Working from home is also becoming an option that businesses and their employees are choosing. Improving communication should be the forefront of companies expecting to branch out in that direction. In an article by The Guardian, BT, the pioneer in allowing employees to work from home (as far back as in 1980) claims that not only are costs for expensive office space lessened, but there is also an increase in productivity.

They found that people working from home tended to slack off less or take sick leaves as they felt they had to actually prove they’d worked. Besides working out as more profitable to businesses, working from home is more environment-friendly. It also helps to create opportunities for labour that might not have been able to engage in work otherwise, since they might be carers or live in remote locations or are disabled.

There is a definite transformation in the way that businesses are choosing to operate. Services such as web conference calls are seeing a rise in demand as the market for them emerges. As such this means that these service providers, the conference call companies, now cater to businesses by offering better quality in terms of customer support, connectivity – all at cheap, affordable prices.

Priyanka is a freelance writer, Journalism student and digital media copywriter working for commumications and free conference call specialist Yo Conference. 

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