Now make calls from your BSNL fixed landline through your mobile phone, even when travelling abroad, saving on your hefty ISD charges.

The government owned telecom operator BSNL has introduced Fixed Mobile Telephony (FMT) service that lets its customers connect to their fixed landline on home or office through their mobile via a mobile application and make calls through it.

BSNL Fixed Mobile Telephony Service which will be operational from 2nd April 2016 will let customers connect their fixed BSNL landline phone and mobile phone (with BSNL connection) through an app.

Make calls from landline via Mobile with BSNL Fixed Mobile Telephony Service

Under FMT, we have virtually turned fixed lines into mobiles. Now, BSNL customers will be able to seamlessly connect their fixed line phone and mobile phone through a BSNL mobile application.” commented Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL. “We are working on tariff for this add-on service. It will be fixed charge on monthly basis for both pre-paid and post-paid customers. However, customers will have to pay call rates as per the network they use” he added.

The working is simple first, you need to install the BSNL FMT mobile application on your smartphone and then register your BSNL number with the service. You will then be able to make use of your mobile to make calls to anywhere by connecting with your fixed landline connection from anywhere in the world.

The service will come with a monthly charge and customers need only to pay as per the call rates of the network they use. So if they are using landline network to make calls, then landline plan rates will apply and if they use the mobile network to make calls then they will have to pay as per their mobile voice plan.

In addition, one can also use the BSNL landline phone to make calls using the mobile network.

BSNL also plans to extend the Fixed Mobile Telephony service for customers of other telecom networks. Which will then enable users having a mobile connection with any Indian telecom operator to easily connect to their BSNL landline connection via FMT and make calls.

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