Looking to test drive the speed of Jio 4G before anyone else? then it’s that time now. In an aim to boost the mass adoption of 4G LTE-based smartphones and to further test Jio 4G capabilities before the commercial launch, Reliance’s mobile venture LYF has cut down the prices of its 4G LTE android smartphones by almost 25 percent.

One added benefit of buying an LYF 4G smartphones now is you get a Jio 4G connection. With Jio 4G, you will get three months of unlimited high-speed 4G data benefits and HD voice call minutes with VoLTE.

The entry-level LYF 4G LTE smartphones now start at just Rs 2,999. The price cut seems to be applicable on most of the LYF-branded smartphone. This includes the high-end Earth series, mid-range Water and Wind series and entry-level flame series.

LYF 4G VoLTE smartphones now start at Rs 2999 & Comes with Jio 4G

The entry-level LYF Flame series 4G LTE smartphones LYF Flame 3, LYF Flame 4, LYF Flame 5 and LYF Flame 6 are now priced at Rs 2,999 with a price drop of Rs 1000. The LYF Flame 2 got a price drop of Rs 1200 from Rs 4,799 to now Rs 3,599. Also, the LYF Flame 1 got a price cut of almost Rs 1500 to the new price of Rs 4,999.

The mid-range LYF Wind 6 go a price cut of Rs 500 from the earlier retail price of Rs 6,499 to now Rs 5,999. LYF Water 1 got a small price drop of Rs 300 to now for Rs 14,699, whereas the LYF Water 2 got a price cut of Rs 4000 to now for Rs 9,699. The LYF Water 5 got a major price cut from the original price of Rs 11,699 by around Rs 4100 and now retails for Rs 7,599.

The high-end and recently launched LYF Earth 2 with retina scanner got a price cut of Rs 1000 from its original price of Rs 20,999 to now retails at Rs 19,999.

LYF 4G LTE smartphones new price

LYF seriesOld Price (Rs)New Price (Rs)
LYF Flame 1Rs 6499Rs 4999
LYF Flame 2Rs 4799Rs 3599
LYF Flame 3Rs 3999Rs 2999
LYF Flame 4Rs 3999Rs 2999
LYF Flame 5Rs 3999Rs 2999
LYF Flame 6Rs 3999Rs 2999
LYF Wind 6Rs 6499Rs 5999
LYF Water 1Rs 14999Rs 14699
LYF Water 2Rs 10099Rs 9699
LYF Water 5Rs 11699Rs 7599
LYF Earth 2Rs 20999Rs 19999

LYF-branded smartphones offer the best of what Reliance Jio 4G can offer. These smartphones support all bands on Jio 4G network, offers high-quality voice calls with VoLTE and packs Jio’s content services.

One can buy LYF-branded 4G smartphones at this new prices from any of the Reliance Digital and Reliance Digital mini stores across India.

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