Good news for music and entertainment enthusiasts in India, Logitech is bringing to the country the THX Certified Logitech Speaker System Z623 after its success in Europe and U.S. The 2.1 system offers 200 watts (RMS) of audio perfection when paired with either a television or PC.

Logitech’s Country Manager for India and South West Asia, Subrotah Biswas commented, “Whether you’re listening to rock music, watching a Steven Spielberg flick, or playing your favorite video game, the experience is always richer when you get engrossed in the audio. That’s why we built the Logitech Speaker System Z623, so you can lose yourself in whatever you’re into. For DVD aficionados, music enthusiasts and hardcore gamers, the Z623 system delivers powerful audio for your room. And with THX certification, you know you’re getting the best.”

Tech Specs

  • Satellite Power – 2×35 watts RMS (6 ohms)
  • Subwoofer Power – 130 watts RMS (8 ohms)
  • Satellite Drivers – 2.5-inch dome driver with aluminum phase plug
  • Subwoofer Driver – 7-inch pressure driver
  • Inputs – Stereo RCA and 1/8-inch on sub; 1/8-inch on satellite
  • Outputs – 1/8-inch headphone on satellite
  • Controls – Volume and bass control on satellite



🙂 Pros

  • Sturdy, attractive speakers
  • Plenty of power, perfectly decent clarity
  • On-speaker controls and 3.5mm input are handy

🙁 Cons

  • Naturally a bit bass-heavy
  • Could have used microphone input on satellite
  • Sound is more directional than room-filling
  • Subwoofer is kind of huge

The Z623s are definitely worth your money, at least if you don’t need surround sound. They’re powerful, can be made to produce great sound with a little tweaking, and are convenient for a desktop setup. Recommended.

Pricing And Availability

The Z623 will be available through major retailers across India and is priced at Rs. 11,495 (Approx.)

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