There was always a confusion or question on what proof been accepted while taking a new SIM or how to verify a mobile connection for an outstation customers. According to a new directive from Department of Telecom (DoT) if you are looking to take a SIM outside of your home telecom circle, then you will now need to provide a local reference along with Aadhaar.

For example, you are a resident of Kochi (Kerala telecom circle) and have an Aadhaar card with the local address in it. When you decide to settle in Bangalore (Karnataka telecom circle) and want to take a new SIM, then you need to provide details of a local reference. This includes the name, address and contact number of a person who is already settled in Bangalore. You also need to verify with your Aadhaar, but it will only be a valid proof of identity. For outstation customers, Aadhaar won’t satisfy the criterion of address proof.

Outstation customers first need to provide the ‘complete local residential address’ where he/she looking to obtain the SIM card in the Digital Customer Acquisition Form (CAF). They also need to provide details like name, address and phone number of a local reference person. The sales agent at PoS terminal then needs to verify telephonically the local reference before proceeding with Aadhaar-based KYC process. Only after receiving affirmation from local reference, the sales agent can proceed with the Aadhaar-based e-KYC process. Once customer identity is verified via biometric authentication, the sales agent can issue SIM card to the outstation customer.

DoT directive for Outstation Customers

  • Local reference needed for outstation customers for taking new SIM card. (That’s customers who are having Aadhaar issued in other Licensed Service Area (LSAs) or telecom circle.)
  • While taking a new SIM, outstation customers need to provide their local residential address. Along with it they also need to provide details of a local reference person.
  • Sales agent in PoS terminal needs to get affirmation from local reference before proceeding with Aadhar e-KYC.

Recently DoT has issued a notice saying that all telecom operators will have to re-verify their entire subscriber base. That’s around 1.1 billion subscribers to be re-verified based on their Aadhaar identification. Telcos need to ensure that their subscribers link mobile number to Aadhaar number within a year.

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