LG Electronics India Unveils a new range of The Next Generation of 3D TV known as the  “LG CINEMA 3D“. It’s the world’s first 3D TV that uses PASSIVE 3D technology,the one which are found in theaters. All Cinema 3D TVs will come with patent technology like 3D Light Boost for a brighter and vivid picture, 2D to 3D conversion on the fly and DivX HD support.

LG is committed to developing technology and products that exceed today’s expectations of innovation. Cinema 3D is the perfect choice when it comes to watching 3D entertainment for longer periods in greater comfort. We’re eager to show everyone just how exciting our new 3D TVs are and why we’re confident this will become the industry standard for 3D TV technology,” commented Kwon, LGEIL’s Managing Director.


LG CINEMA 3D reduces the difficulties that were found in ACTIVE 3D TV, some of them are

1) It is the world’s first “FLICKER FREE TV” – Active Shutter glasses cause Flicker of image and Cross Talk,but not in Passive 3D.

2) It uses a “POLARIZED GLASSES” instead of ACTIVE SHUTTER GLASSES – Since they are polarized glasses and thus does not need any power ,it is light in weight and comfortable to wear.

3) Angle of viewing is not considered,the image can be viewed in 3D at any angle – in Active 3D the viewer should be seated horizontally to view the picture in 3D.

Features –

  • Conversion From 2D  picture to 3D.
  • Its is lot more Brighter than the Active 3D.
  • The Magic Motion Remote Control (WII like Remote ).
  • The LG App Store.
  • A Fully featured Web Browser.
  • Uses an IPS (In Plane Switching) Display.
  • Wide Viewing Angle.

It comes in 42 inch, 47 inch & 55 inch and weights between 20kg and 25 kg, depending upon the model. There are currently 5 models available for purchase and the price varies on the models. Initial price range in India starts from Rs.75,000/- to about maximum of 3 lakhs and it may change depending on the retailer.

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