Mobile technology has evolved to an incredible extent. In just over a decade we have gone from mobile phones being a premium and a rarity to them being just about the most abundant thing around and an everyday need. Represent the cutting edge in mobile technology, the LG G Flex smartphone is well ahead of its time. We had a chance to check out the phone.


As you can probably figure out from the name of the phone, the ‘Flex’ in it stands for a truly flexible body. No, we’re not talking about a curved device; it’s a phone that is actually flexible! We find it amazing how comfortable it feels in our hands. Also, when the phone is in your trousers, it somewhat adjusts to the shape and you don’t feel like carrying around something bulky in your pocket.

LG G Flex - cutting edge technology with Innovative Design & Features [Review]

On the rear of the G Flex is a new material that LG claims is self-healing, managing to absorb small scraps and dents and reforming them to the natural, smooth curve. Unfortunately this covering doesn’t provide much in the way of grip, which is a bit of an issue considering the sheer size of the G Flex (160.5 x 81.6mm) means it’s already difficult to hold in one hand. Another thing about the self-healing rear is that it’s a magnet for dust and grime, and I constantly had to wipe the G Flex to avoid it looking dirty. At 8.7mm deep the LG G Flex is pretty slim, so as long as you can wrap your digits round the width of the device it should sit snugly in the palm – although I found myself doing a lot of shuffling as I moved from the navigation bar to the top of the screen.

An Impressive set of Features

The device comes with a mammoth Full HD 6 inch display with a pixel density of 245ppi. We really liked the gesture control which includes LG’s Knock On screen technology. This allows you to double tap the screen to wake it, saving you from fumbling around for that power/lock key on the rear of the G Flex. When browsing around the phone, double tap the notification bar and the G Flex will lock, turning the screen off in the process. This is a feature I much enjoyed on the LG G2 and I’m pleased to see it make the transition to the G Flex, as it’s a much easier way to lock and unlock your phone.


The rear camera is a staggering 13 megapixel that’s also seen on the LG G2 and the front camera is a 2 MP one. The image quality is absolutely top-notch. We couldn’t believe how amazing the image and video quality, the ability to capture realistic colours and shades is on this phone’s camera. LG has also stuffed the camera app full of features on the G Flex, but when you start it up everything is set to automatic, and to be honest for most photos these settings will be fine.


With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Processor, the phone is a like a Formula One car in the mobile industry. No matter how hard we tried to slow down the phone, we couldn’t do it. The phone multitasks, run heavy applications, games with intense graphics without breaking a sweat. We were blown away by the sheer power of the LG G Flex and left in awe of this technological beast.


The G Flex has some of the best hardware we’ve seen in a long time. Also the innovative design and some brilliant under-the-hood features make it a winner.

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