In an interesting move, one of the biggest PC and mobile manufacturer Lenovo has issued a warning to customers from buying its products from Indian online e-commerce website especially Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon India. According to a notice on the Lenovo’s official Indian website – e-commerce website like Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon India ( are not authorised resellers of its products and asks customers to check their warranty entitlements when buying from these online retailers.

Lenovo warns users on buying its products from Online Retailers in India

For Lenovo there could be many reasons to bar this popular online retails from selling its products. Online retailers tend to sell the products at a cheaper rate than the original MRP set by a company with discounts and offers. This may have caused issues for Lenovo’s original resellers mainly the brick and mortar ones.

Another reason could be, Lenovo receiving multiple complaints from its buyers saying that they have not received the correct Indian warranty for the products purchased from this online retailers. As most of this online retailers including Flipkert, Snapdeal and Amazon India also act as an marketplace where third-party sellers can sell their product. This third-party sellers may sometime sell products without a proper Indian warranty or sell products tagged with ‘Internal warranty’ but not valid on India. Buyer only know about this when they bring the device to a Lenovo service center for service or repair.

Or Lenovo may be trying  to make its official online store – The Do Store ( more popular among Indian users.

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