Many times when we try to explore new ways out of the street we get lost, and then we need to find the way back. Google Maps or Nokia Here will help you on this, but this need you to continuously look into the smartphone to make sure you are on the right path. It’s the time when LECHAL comes handy, made by two Indian techies Krispian Lawrence and Anirudh Sharma, who are also the founders of Ducere Technologies. LECHAL which means “take me there” is a stylish footwear with interactive haptic based navigational system, guiding the user towards their destination through simple vibrations in the footwear.

Expanding the idea, an app loaded on a smartphone pairs with the footwear via Bluetooth. Then the user can set a destination he/she need to go through the app.  The phone’s GPS is used to calculate location data and the directions are conveyed to the user via haptics or simple vibrations in the footwear.  So the footwear vibrates in the way the users need to go, if they need to go right then the footwear’s right side vibrates.

LECHAL - Interactive Haptic Footwear that Guides your Walk

Another interesting function of the footwear is that it counts your steps, and tracks your calories burnt, thus it’s also a fitness companion. Users can use the App to set goals, create custom workout sessions and much more. The footwear also allows users to tag locations, set destinations, start/stop/pause navigation and much more, all by executing simple foot gestures.

Most wearable technology solutions are obtrusive, which can be distracting and attracts unnecessary attention. LECHAL Footwear are uniquely intuitive and non-obtrusive thus offering easy mobility and convenience to the user.” said Anirudh Sharma, Co-Founder and CTO LECHAL footwear.

Another aspect of LECHAL footwear is that users can voice command to set direction in the app for a complete Hands free experience. They can also tag locations and connect with other LECHAL users to share their routes.

One can pre-book the LECHAL through their website ( and the product pack will include a pair of footwear (insoles or shoes), a charger and a mobile application which can be downloaded on any smartphone (Android/IOS/Windows compatible).

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