The Kerala State Electricity Board, under Govt of Kerala, has released an official Android app for facilitating online bill payments. The app was officially launched by Minister for Electricity M.M Mani on 15th November 2017 at Thiruvananthapuram. Along with the app release, the payment system is also being shifted to National Automated Clearing House(NACH) by NPCI. Let’s explore the app and see how to pay a KSEB bill.

KSEB  Mobile App Features

The KSEB app gives you the convenience of viewing and paying bills quickly. The app also allows you to view your billing, payment and consumption history. You can also pay the bill from KSEB web portal, however, the app has made it convenient with fewer clicks. The app also gives you notifications alerting bill due date, payment confirmation etc. However, a new user cannot register from the app, you need a KSEB web self service profile. So let’s begin with creating a KSEB Web Self Service Profile.

Kerala State Electricity Board Gets A Mobile App, Shifts To NACH Payment
How To Create A KSEB Web Self Service Profile
  1. Get hold of your previous Electricity Board Bill.
  2. Visit and fill up the details and register.
  3. Once registered, you can add up to 5 Consumer numbers.
  4. You can view your bill and other histories up to 12 months.
  5. Pay with credit/debit or netbanking.
  6. You can do advance payments.

Now that you have a created a web portal profile, you can use the profile details to pay or view bills with the android application. You can also utilize the quick pay option in the app to pay bills without registering on KSEB web portal. The quick pay option is also available on KSEB web portal.

How To Pay Bills Using KSEB Mobile App
  1. Download and install the app.
  2. Login using your KSEB Web Self Service profile or select quickpay.
  3. For logged in user, select view bill and make payment.
  4. For quick pay, enter the consumer details, submit, view bill and pay.
  5. In quickpay, registered users can fetch details using their mobile number.
  6. Users can make payments in advance.

You can also utilize wallets like Paytm to get cash back and discounts on KSEB bill payment. Moreover, the cash back earned from these wallets can be used for shopping or other bill payments. The downside is, it will take few days to reflect the payment in biller account.

How To Pay KSEB Bills Using Wallets
  1. Get a wallet app, eg: Paytm Wallet or visit
  2. In the app, select the electricity tab, Kerala, KSEB.
  3. Key in your 15 digit Consumer number, click proceed.
  4. Verify the automatically fetched account details.
  5. Make a payment, use promo codes to avail cash back or discounts.
  6. Advance payment is possible.

As of now, Paytm is the only wallet supporting KSEB bill payment. But since, KSEB is upgrading the bill payment system and features, we can expect more wallet and bill payment service support soon. Hope the article was useful, Peace!

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