While Reliance Jio extended the deadline to enrol to Jio Prime membership till 15th April 2017, the operator has also announced a small surprise for its Prime members. Introducing Jio Summer Surprise which essentially extends the free services you are currently enjoying with Jio to another 3 months.

If Jio doesn’t further extend the Jio Prime membership enrolment, the Jio Summer Surprise will start from 16th April 2017. The complimentary service will be valid for next 3 months or until 15th July 2017. On the way, till 15th April 2017, you can continue enjoying all Jio services for free.

What will you get? the Jio Summer Surprise is simply an extension of Jio Happy New Year offer. Or we could say, Jio extended the Rs 303 recharge benefits to 4 months. Under this you will get access to unlimited 4G LTE data with 1GB FUP limit, unlimited free voice and video calling and unlimited messaging. In addition, you will also get unlimited access to a full bouquet of Jio apps and media contents. Similarly, if you have recharged for Rs 499, then you get the benefits under that plan extended for 3 months.

Jio Summer Surprise - extend Jio free services to 3 more Months

How to avail Jio Summer Surprise? To get the Jio Summer Surprise offer, you need to be a Jio Prime member. You can subscribe to Jio Prime membership by paying a one-time fee of Rs 99. After becoming a Jio prime member, you need to recharge for a Jio Prime plan worth Rs 303 or any higher value plan. That’s it, Jio Summer Surprise will be activated on your number and you can enjoy the free service for another 3 months. Note that you need to do the first paid recharge of Jio Prime plans prior to 15th April 2017.

The paid tariff plan you do now will be applied only in July, after the expiry of the 3 months complimentary service. So basically you are getting 4 months of service on a recharge of Rs 303. Further calculating you are paying only Rs 100 per month for next four months of Jio services.

How to avail Jio Summer Surprise

  • Become a Jio Prime member by paying a one-time fee of Rs 99.
  • Recharge for any Jio Prime plan worth Rs 303 or more.
  • The above two recharges need to be done prior to 15th April 2017.
  • Once recharged, Jio Summer Surprise will be activated on your Jio number. The benefits will be offered for 3 months, starting 16th April 2017.
  • The paid tariff plan you recharged above will only be applied in July 2017 after the expiry of the complimentary service.

I already did the Rs 149 recharge? If you have done recharge for Rs 149 Prime plan, you can still avail the Jio Summer Surprise. For this, you just need to recharge for the Rs 303 Prime plan before 15th April 2017. The Prime plans will get queued up on your Jio account. So after 3 months of free service, first the Rs 149 Prime plan will be active for 28 days and then the next month Rs 303 Prime plan will be active.

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