Are you planning to get the new Redmi Note 5 Series from Xiaomi, then here is some good news for you from Reliance Jio. They are giving a combined offer of Rs 2200 instant cash back and double data for every new Redmi Note 5 series phone. The maximum double data that you can avail under this offer is advertised as 4.5TB but there is a catch. So here is what you have to do to get these benefits from Jio.

How To Avail #GiveMe5 Offer?
  1. Buy a new Redmi Note 5 Pro or Note 5 from, Flipkart or partner stores.
  2. All you now need is a Jio SIM on your new phone with Prime Subscription.
  3. Perform ‘first recharge’ for Rs 198 or Rs 299 to get Rs 2200 as cashback vouchers.
  4. Recharge for Rs 198 or above twice to get double data (total 3 including the first recharge).

You must make sure that the Jio SIM is in your new Redmi phone until the offer is fulfilled. The recharges can be performed either via My Jio app or other partner sites. However, to redeem the GiveMe5 cashback voucher you need to recharge from My Jio app for all the rest of recharges. The double data offer is also provided as a Data Voucher which also needs to be activated from My Jio App.

Jio GiveMe5 Offer For Redmi Note 5 Series
Conditions for Availing #GiveMe5 Instant Cashback
  • The Redmi Note 5 series phone must be bought on or after 22 February 2018.
  • The first recharge must be for Rs 198 or Rs 299 Jio plan to activate the Rs 2200 cashback offer.
  • You will get Rs 2200 cashback as 44 vouchers of Rs 50, valid until 31st May 2022
  • These vouchers are auto-redeemed for recharges done through My Jio app.

Double data in general means doubling up the data of your recharged plan. For example, if you recharge for Rs 198 with a 2GB daily limit, then you will get a 4GB daily limit with double data activated. This is also applicable to long-term plans with more Data validity. Now let us see the terms for availing double data under GiveMe5 offer.

Conditions for Availing #GiveMe5 Double Data
  • The Redmi phone must be bought on or after 22 February 2018.
  • Recharge for a plan Rs 198 plan or above (Max Rs 9,999)
  • You will only get 3 double data vouchers, activate each within 3 months.
  • These vouchers can be redeemed from My Vouchers in My Jio App.

Even though Jio’s GiveMe5 offer grants you Rs 2200 cashback along with double data(4.5TB max). You can’t avail the Rs 2200 cash back and double data of 4.5TB at the same time. You will have to sacrifice the vouchers for getting more from double data. Let’s see the possibilities under GiveMe5 offer.

Get Both Rs 2200 cashback and Double Data
  1. Recharge with Rs 198 or Rs 299 for first time on your new device – (44 vouchers) + (112GB or 168GB)
  2. Recharge for any data plan above Rs 198 (max Rs 9,999) for second time – Double Data (1500GB max)
  3. Now recharge for any data plan above Rs 198 (max Rs 9,999) for third time – Double Data (1500GB max)
Get Double Data (4.5TB Max) and No Cashback voucher
  1. Recharge for plans higher than Rs 299 (Max Rs 9,999) three times – Double Data Only (4500GB max) .
  2. These three recharges must be consecutive for the double data only benefits.

All the calculations for #GiveMe5 offer are based on the current tariffs provided on For convenience, 1TB is taken as 1000GB. If you have plans of getting a new 4G phone other than Redmi Note 5 series, then there is a similar offer called #JioFootball. Under this offer, you’ll receive Rs 2200 cashback for recharges of Rs 198 or Rs 299.  Hope the article was informative, Peace!

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