If you are from Jammu and Kashmir or Northeast states of India and have a mobile connection, then you got a good news. The Telecom Ministry has extended Prepaid mobile services in these states until next year or till 31st March 2018. This will give relief for prepaid subscribers who are facing prolonged ban due to the unrest in Kashmir Valley from July 2016.

The prepaid telecom service will continue to operate starting 1st April 2017 for a full period of one year. But the restriction on roaming facility for prepaid mobile connection for subscribers of Jammu and Kashmir will still continue.

Jammu and Kashmir, Northeast gets Prepaid mobile services extended till 31st March 2018

What’s the restriction in place? If you have a prepaid mobile connection from Jammu and Kashmir, it won’t work on roaming or outside the state. Similarly, no prepaid mobile connection taken from rest of the country will work in Jammu and Kashmir. The authorities say the main reason for this restriction is due to national security.

For prepaid mobile subscribers of Northeast states, there won’t be any roaming restriction. They are free to use the mobile connection anywhere in India while roaming. Similarly, any mobile subscriber from rest of the India can use their connection in Northeast states. Earlier authorities have only extended the mobile service in Northeast states for two years till March 31, 2017.

Prepaid Mobile services in J&K and Northeast

  • Prepaid mobile services of all telecom operators in J&K and Northeast extended to 31st March 2018.
  • Roaming restriction on the Prepaid connection for Jammu and Kashmir still continues.
  • Also, the Prepaid mobile connection from rest of the country will not work in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • No restriction on roaming for prepaid mobile subscribers of Northeast state.
  • No roaming and validity restriction for postpaid mobile subscribers in J&K and Northeast.

Do note that there is no roaming restriction or validity issue for Postpaid mobile connection in Jammu and Kashmir and Northeast. If you have a postpaid connection you can use it anywhere in India while roaming. Out of the 1.04 crore mobile subscribers in Jammu and Kashmir, only 30 percent are prepaid subscribers.

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