Apple’s iPhone is the biggest fashion trend of the gadget industry, but now iPhone makers have taken the tag literally. A new iPhone application called “Ask a Stylist” is going to provide real time fashion advice. The application is available for free from the App store. This application is remarkable in many ways. It directly provides you with the best advice regarding fashion straight from the horse’s mouth (read fashion experts). There is often great amount of confusion regarding what to wear? What is trendy this season or what looks best on a particular occasion? The confusion often arises out of the fact that there is so much advice to adhere to; everyone is a fashion expert when it comes to giving advice. But here you will get to interact with real fashion experts.

Real time fashion advice

iPhone Glamour Magazine is the latest fashion in hand

This application provides real time advice on fashion. You just have to take a picture of a dress, upload it and in fifteen minutes you will hear from a range of stylists. The application is the brainchild of, an online shopping portal and Glamour magazine. According to official Apple statement they are not sure whether it is the first application to provide real time information on fashion. But the developers at Glamour magazine and are confident that they have developed a one of a kind application.

To ensure a swift and seamless flow of information, the Glamour magazine has trained eight certified fashion professionals to adhere to fashion related queries. These fashion experts were specifically trained for this job by the fashion experts at glamour magazine. The stylists are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, on a minimum traffic day the response can be as quick as 2 minutes.

The procedure

To get advice, comments or suggestion on any fashion trend, accessory or a dress. You have to first upload a picture of the dress or accessory. After uploading the photo, you can ask your question by selecting a particular category. Then you have to choose a stylist from the available list. The chosen stylist will then reply with his advice or comments within fifteen minutes. The detailed profiles of the stylists are also available. You will receive a push notification alerting you once your response is ready. If the push of your iPhone is off, then you can also get a notification via SMS.

Munjal Shah, the CEO of has stated that at the moment there is no set up for generating revenue from the application. A new revenue stream will be integrated into a stealth site that will in turn compliment the app’s functionality. ‘’ is committed to bring interactive shopping tools to the web shopping experience. There are various other applications from providing fashion advice and assistance. ‘Couturious’ helps you with styled looks via web. Another application Covet helps you to personalize your shopping.

The verdict

This application is a sure shot winner in many ways. It is the first of its kinds and has a huge market up for grabs. The fact that is an iPhone based app will go a long way in making it an instant hit. The whole application is built around the promise of a real time conversation. This puts more emphasis on how you ask or put forward your question. The clear and precise wording of your question will have a direct impact on the time the experts will take in answering it. According to the application is still in flux but the application designers are working on sorting out all the issues with the app.

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