Instagram doesn’t seems to stop with photo sharing, with immense popularity in short video they are pumping their gun to match up with Twitter’s Vine service. Facebook owned Instagram has launched its video sharing service, called ‘Video on Instagram‘ that allow you to record 3-15 second videos, re-tune it with thirteen video filters and share it.

Instagram has now added a movie camera icon near to the usual camera icon, tapping on it will let you enter the video mode, where you record videos up to fifteen seconds and apply filters on it. Users can combine multiple videos shots of short length or delete certain video shots to create the time-lapse collage. Similar to photos filters users can apply around thirteen filters like Vesper, Stinson etc to the videos. In addition users can select a favorite scene from the recorded video to use as a cover image to the videos that show when not playing.

Instagram adds Video support - record 15 second videos with Filters

As the videos are taken through mobile camera mostly they will be little hand shaked, to solve this Instagram has added the Cinema feature that lets you stabilize your video after you take it. This features currently works with only iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Videos shared can be tagged on the user map and apply hashtagged just like the photos.

Unlike Twitter’s Vine, Instagram allows taking video up to 15 seconds and can be short as 3 seconds. But the videos are not auto-playing and don’t loop, like in Vine videos.

The new update for the Instagram app is avialable for download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play store.

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