Do you know we Indians share a lot of mobile videos daily, more than the global average. According to a report from Vuclip on the most significant trends in 2013 in India with regards to mobile video, on an average 65% of Indians share mobile videos as compared to 53% global average.

This trending video sharing mostly done by youth under 18 years with 87% of them sharing videos regularly and superhero movie trailers among the most often shared trailers in India with 36% of vote.

Indians love to Share Mobile Videos and Watch lengthy Clips [Study]

Even with the big limitation on internet connection, 62% of Indians prefer to watch lengthy videos like movies or TV serials on mobile devices. The trend is extremely high among the age group of 18 years and under. Their major concern where high data costs for 2G/3G as responded by 39 percent of Indians, while 19% of Indians complained about buffering issue and 12% of them responded lack of interesting content. Dhoom 3 topped among the most searched videos followed by Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan.

Another interesting insight from the report says that 66 percent of Indians turn to their mobile devices to research products before making a purchase compared to 60 percent in the U.S.

3G networks in India are still in a very nascent stage with limited reach and high throttling. With the higher data usage cost, people are still reluctant to move fully on to it. We can hope with 4G network entering India, people will get more affordable access to mobile internet.

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