Frustrated with frequent disconnection or call drops while making a voice call through your mobile. From 1st January 2016, . So, next time you will get Rs 1 credited back to your account for every call drop.

According to the latest Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) amendment, telecom operator needs to credit its customers by one rupee for each call drop. However, the compensation is limited to maximum three call drops a day. So basically you will get a maximum of Rs 3 per day from telecom operator if you encounter three or more call drops a day. Prepaid customers will receive a message through SMS or USSD within four hours of the occurrence of call drop and the amount will be credited in their main balance. For Postpaid customers, the compensation details will be provided in the next bill and the amount will be deducted from their bill.

  • One rupee compensation for every call drop
  • Compensation limited to maximum 3 call drops per day
  • Compensation credited to Prepaid users main balance and Postpaid users next bill
  • User who initiates a voice call will only get the compensation

What’s according to TRAI a Call drop?

According to TRAI, call drop means a voice call which, after being successfully establish is interrupted prior to its normal completion and the cause of early termination is within the network of the service provider. or in simple words, if your call gets disconnected due to bad signal or any other technical issues from telecom operator, you will get compensation for it.

The new regulations from TRAI will become applicable from 1st January 2016. So telecom operators have few more months to provide a better service or get ready to pay the customers.

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