In a first-of-its-kind initiative, Idea Language Helpline is being promoted through Railway’s inquiry no. 139 across all regions. The passengers are being informed about Idea Language Helpline for conversational support service in local language that they can avail when they reach their new destination.

In line with the ongoing theme campaign, ‘Break the Language Barrier’, offering a simple solution to millions of Indians to communicate with people talking different languages in their own, Idea Cellular announces association with Indian Railways, to promote ‘Break the Language Barrier’ campaign and Idea Language Helpline to help its passengers traveling to other parts of the country.

As part of this program, the Idea Language Helpline is being promoted across Indian Railways network for a week. Idea Language Helpline jingle will play on
139, creating a brand connect with millions of callers who call on this number.

Idea Language Helpline jingle will play on the IVR of Railway’s inquiry no. 139, for a period of 7 days starting 29th October. The caller will hear one jingle of 10 seconds when call connects with IVR, followed by a jingle of 15 seconds when call is transferred to a human Interface. In the South circles, the jingle will be in English and in rest of India it will be in Hindi.

Idea Cellular through this initiative wants to connect with crores of travelers who would be using this one of the world’s most extensive rail network during the festive season and introduce the innovative ‘Language Helpline’ in order to assist them in their communication with the people in new city and areas.

With the ongoing festive season in India Indian Railway traffic goes up substantially, with people traveling into different towns and cities to meet and greet their near and dear ones across different cities. This means that through this initiative, Idea Jingle would be heard by a large base of audience estimated around 1 crore callers in these 7 days, across the country.

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the passengers are being informed about the Idea Language Helpline – a service that they can avail when they reach their new destination, for conversational support in local language.

Idea’s new campaign aims at offering a simple solution to millions of Indians who move out of their homes for – Career, Education, Travel and other prospects in life; or need to communicate with people talking different languages in their own surroundings – to help them adapt to the change in surroundings and connect better with people speaking other languages.

In order to reach out to the audience Idea has rolled out a 360 degree campaign, utilizing all traditional and emerging media platforms.

Idea has launched country’s first ‘Language Helpline’ which will offer conversational support to callers, in as many as 16 languages. Idea’s Language Helpline is available across all 22 telecom circles and in 16 Indian languages – Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Punjabi, Rajasthani and Urdu.

To target the flyers, Idea has associated with Jet Airways for promotion of Idea Language Helpline on Jet Airways and Jet Konnect flights. As part of this, Idea Language Helpline will be talked about in in-flight announcements informing passengers that they can call on this no. for help with translations in local language when they reach their destination.

Additionally, Language Helpline brochures will be placed in the seat jackets in flights during this month long activity aimed at reaching on to 18-20 lakh passengers. These brochures carry translations of few common words and phrases in 16 different languages and can be useful reference for anybody travelling to a new place in India where a different language is spoken.

Idea has always offered simple solutions to prevalent problems of the society, through the power of mobile telephony.

Speaking about the association with Indian Railways, Ms. Anupama Ahluwalia, Senior Vice President – Marketing, IDEA Cellular, said “Indian Railways is one of the worlds widest and leading railways network. It carries the largest number of passengers on its network. This gives us a platform to connect with maximum number of passengers across the country, and offer a utility service to crores of passengers. We are confident that this tie up will build a strong connect with the audience and help bridge language barriers for approximately 1 crore passengers during this 7 days phase and further grow Idea’s over 74 million subscriber base.”

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