Indian Google Adwords voucher

Hi all SharePress readers, today we have a giveaway of 10 free voucher of Google Adwords. The value of each coupon is Rs 2500 ( $60 ). This vouchers can be used by adwords users in any country, the value will just converted to the local currency. This voucher will only be applied to a new AdWords account within 14 days of creating the account. Through this voucher you will earn free advertising credit , which can be used to advertise your site, product or services on the vast Google Display Network of publishers.

So for those people who don’t know what is Google AdWords?
Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising program by Google. With AdWords, advertisers can promote their website’s products and services on’s search results in the “sponsored links” section. Quality ad text and relevant keyword buys will give you a competitive edge over your competitors. And with AdWords, you can set your own budget and change your campaigns at any time -there are no commitments or spending requirements of any kind.

Google Adwords Voucher worth Rs2500 ( $60 )

Google Adwords Voucher
Google Adwords Voucher worth Rs2500

Please note :

  • Google adwords Voucher/Coupons can only be used on new AdWords accounts, one per account. If you are new user SignUp here for Google Adwords or existing users use your register account to login to Google Adwords
  • To apply the coupon, create a new account and complete the billing details, click on the ‘Billing Preferences’ tab, and enter the coupon code when prompted. Terms and Conditions apply. Coupon expires 6 months from date of receipt.
  • If the Google AdWords Coupon Code that you used is invalid because it’s been used, try using a different AdWords Coupon Code from the list.
  • Read and full understand the Terms and Condition for this Vouchers
  • If needed any help in using the Google adwords account head over to the Adwords Help forum.
  • The coupons need to used on or before 30-June-2011

Give Google Adwords a try to drive high quality relevant traffic to your site.  Do post a comment with the voucher used by you so that other can know the voucher has been already taken.  Also please share this with your friends too.

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