A study from Nokia Siemens Networks reveals a 92% increase in mobile data traffic generated by both 2G and 3G services in India between December 2011 and December 2012. With 3G services generating one-third of the total mobile data in the country. The rise in 3G data usage is mainly due to 3G tariff reduction by telecom operators in mid 2012.

Other details from Nokia Siemens Networks’ MBit Index study

  • 3G Subscribers consumes 300% more data than 2G users with 3G user consuming 434 MB per month on an average while a 2G user consumes 115 MB per month.
  • Mobile data traffic generated by 3G services increased by 196% and 66% increases for 2G services between December 2011 and December 2012.
  • Category A telecom circles become the biggest contributor for 3G data, with forty-five percent of the total data accessed by smartphone users is generated in these circles.
  • Half the number of category A users still access mobile data on 2G networks.
  • Mobile data currently accessed by smartphones using 3G services in category B and C circles is much lower than the national average.
  • Category B circle record 75% of the mobile data consumption using 2G services only.
Indian 3G Subscribers Consumes 300% More Data than 2G users, Generates one-third of the total Mobile Data

The fact that data consumption by 3G users has tripled in one year clearly shows the rapid and steady increase in mobile data consumption in India. This translates into the need for high-quality mobile broadband services with improved speed and service quality to satisfy mobile broadband users. In addition, the observations of trends in various circles underscore the need for a special focus on further enhancing 3G network coverage in A, B and C circles across the country” said Sandeep Girotra, head of India region at Nokia Siemens Networks.

The trend in Indian subscribers mobile data usage is in line with other high growth mobile data markets around the world. With telecom operators providing more affordable 3G data tariff plans to customers, the consumption will continue to rise.

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