Your are being watched Beware! India Government requesting personal information is on rise. As per the latest Google transparency report during January 2013 to June 2013, India Government departments and legal agencies requested details on 4,161 Google users and 2,691 request for disclosure of user data from Google accounts or services.

Google Transparency Report provides great insight on government’s and non-government agencies requests for personal information and to remove web contents from Google. Government requested removal of various types contents mainly Copyright, Defamation, Religious Offense, National Security, Political, Hate Speech etc, from Google properties like YouTube, Picassa, Google+, Blogger and more. This time Google transparency report also include additional information about legal process for U.S. criminal requests: breaking out emergency disclosures, wiretap orders, pen register orders and other court orders.

India Government asked Information on 4,161 user accounts - Google Transparency Report

During the first half of 2013 there been steady increase in government requests for users’ data. India Government request for user data from Google accounts or services shoot up to 2,691 requests from 2,431 request in the previous 6 months period (July to December 2012). In the same time request for user account details from Google accounts or services rise to 4,161 from previous 4,106 request in July to December 2012. Of all that request, Google complied to around 64% request where some data was produced.

Note that this transparency report doesn’t include new data on content removals and which will be released separately.

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