Adding 10.05 million new subscribers during a month, Indian Wireless subscriber base which include GSM, CDMA and FWP subscribers touched the 900 million mark and reached up to 903.36 million subscribers at the end of February, 2014. According to the report released by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) as on 28th February 2014, out of the 903.36 million wireless subscribers 86.37% or 780.27 million subscribers are active on the date of Peak VLR in February, 2014.

Overall taking the total number of telephone subscribers in India increased from 922.04 million at the end of January, 2014 to 931.95 million at the end of February, 2014, thereby showing a monthly growth of 1.08%.


This time Sistema which operates its telecom networks under MTS India loose the maximum number of subscribers followed by Tata Telecommunication and Loop Mobile. On the other hand all other telecom operators added a substantial amount of new subscribers to their network. Idea Cellular added the maximum number of subscribers to its network by around 3.3 million subscribers followed by Bharti Airtel with 2.6 million subscribers and Vodafone India with 2.1 million subscribers.

Bharti Airtel retained its top position with 22.53% market share, followed by Vodafone India with 18.19% market share and Idea Cellular in the third position with 14.78 % market share.

114.41 million subscribers availed the MNP service

Mobile Number Portability requests increased from 111.94 million subscribers at the end of January, 2014 to 114.41 million at the end of February, 2014. In the month of February, 2014 alone 2.47 million requests have been made for MNP. Maximum number of MNP request have been received from Karnataka by around 13 million request, followed by Rajasthan with 11.5 million request and Andhra Pradesh with 10.5 million request.

Only 28.59 Million Wireline Connection remaining

Due to the exponential reach of mobile and wireless networks, wireline segment is slowly fading out. Wireline subscriber base declined from 28.72 million at the end of January, 2014 to 28.59 Million at the end of February, 2014. Net reduction in wireline subscriber base was 0.13 million at the decline rate of 0.46%. BSNL and MTNL which holds the major share of the wireline segment, losses the majority of subscribers during the period.

India got 58 million Broadband subscribers

There are 58 million Broadband subscribers in the country at the end of February, 2014. The data include subscribers from normal wired connection, wireless subscribers using mobile devices and dongles, and other wireless connection including Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Point-to-Point Radio & VSAT.

India got 58 million Broadband subscribers

Wired Subscribers account for 14.80 million subscribers, followed by Mobile devices (mobiles and Dongles) with 42.81 million subscribers and other Wireless devices (Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Point-to-Point Radio & VSAT) with 0.39 million subscribers.

BSNL tops the broadband service market with 16.37 million subscribers, followed by Bharti Airtel with 11.99 million subscribers and Reliance with 7.10 million subscribers.

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