If you are a business owner, or a person who looks online to research businesses, the utility and convenience of social media cannot be ignored. In fact, you’d be way behind if you didn’t already have a social media marketing plan in place. Particularly with the arrival of the massive consumer user base in Pinterest (although that’s for another post altogether), there has never been an easier way to promote your business than today on any of the top social media platforms that are available, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google Plus.

One element of social media marketing on these platforms that is both interesting and incredibly useful in business settings, is that each of these aformentioned websites cater to different audiences for different purposes. The frequency of use, the age and gender of users, and the content being shared, all differ significantly among these websites, and any business wanting to hone in on those statistics ought to take a look. This infographic, Leveraging Social Media to Showcase Your Expertise, was produced to highlight these very statistics, and to provide additional useful information about what each site offers.

How To Use Social Media to Showcase Your Expertise [Infographic]

This infographic was producted by Zintro, a business network that connects clients with experts in a vast range of business areas

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