Spam is the monster in the world of internet and computer. It shed divers affects on blogs and websites. These affects may vary from just showing the message of the spammer to very hazardous damages to blogs and websites. Therefore, it is very important issue for every prospective blogger to deal with them in very efficient way. Actually it is the matter of existence of the blog in the market. Following are the techniques to handle spam blog comments. These are very vital for popularity of your blog or website.

Deleting Spam

Perhaps it is the most effective and easiest way to handle spam from your blog. It is the process in which you have to just identify the spam and delete it from your blog. But the real difficulty lies in this technique is first to identify the spam and second is the time consumed in this process. This may take lot of valuable time of yours. You can spend this time in making improvement in your blog. However, these difficulties can be minimized up to some extent by making some arrangement in the development of your blog i.e. make it easy to delete mass number of spam comments at a time. In this way you will be in situation to handle large number of spam comments in very short time.

Akismet a reliable solution

Akismet is the service which is widely used by the bloggers to prevent their blog from a vast range of spam. However there are some benefits and shortcoming of this service. For some time its use is good idea. It receives potential spam from your blog and applies tones of test to check the comment as spam. After performing the lot of test it approve the comment as real comment or spam. In this way this service saves your time from identifying the comments as spam or not. You just have to delete the identified spam.  But some time these test become very strict to the comments and report real comments as spam and in the result you lose valuable comments on your blog. Moreover the real worry lays in the situation some advanced spam pass the service tests and reaches your blog. This is very alarming situation for your business of blog.

Making visual captcha

Visual captcha is also a best option for the prevention of your blog from the spam comments. Visual Captcha is the way in which blog uses some option of pictures and figures to post comments. This technique provide special blockage before the attack of the non human spam. If the spam runs by the human than this technique lose its effectiveness.

The best Idea for Every Blogger

In short different techniques are used to save the blog from spam some are successful up to some extent and others are not very successful while remaining are very difficult to operate. It is true that there is not any absolute way to stop all type of spam. Therefore, bloggers should stay aware of each new spam and its damages to their business and continuously see every new technique appear in the market to stop spam.

Crystal J. Briscoe is from Self Test Engine. 

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