How to Get Backlinks using Google

There are a lot of ways through which you can create backlinks for your site.  The best source for finding backlinking opportunities is Google.  If you know how to find the opportunities on Google, you will be amazed to see the results you will achieve in a short period of time.

How will your comments considered to be non-spammy While commenting on any blog post, please make sure that your leave an honest opinion or constructive remark on the article.  When the readers stuff lot of keywords in their comments, it is rejected by the owner of the blog.  It would be advisable to use your name or nickname while placing the links in the comments to avoid rejections.  Still, it would be better to have a link with the correct anchor-text which is difficult to be accepted by the blog-owner.

How to earn backlinks from sites. edu and. Gov through Google? Google has a search engine that allows you to search as per your requirement.  I will explain on how to use Google to search. edu and. Gov sites before explaining the link building process.  Why are the sites ending with. edu and. gov important? Sites with .edu and .gov have been restricted for the educational institutes and government organizations.  It is difficult to get backlinks in such sites.  These sites are full of information without any commercial interest attached to it.  Google gives a lot of PR value to .edu and .gov sites as they are reliable and important sites.  To find .edu sites, go to and enter the following search term “site:. edu inurl: blog “post a comment” or inurl: blog “leave comment” and even inurl : blog “comment”.  The search results will show you all the pages or blogs with .edu or .gov domain and you can look for the link building opportunities by posting your comments.  In the same way, you can search for .gov sites.  You can search for inurl: blog “post a comment” or inurl: blog “leave comment” inurl: blog “comment”.  You can post your comments on these sites and get backlinks.

How to find more sites with dofollow backlinks? When receiving a link to your blog, it is important that you check when the link you are receiving is dofollow or nofollow.  The Nofollow Links are ignored by the search engines and will create no value in terms of PR for your site.  It can still generate traffic for your site depending on the quality of website where you have linked.  Dofollow Links are followed by Google and such links convey credibility and influence.  You can check the blog for dofollow or nofollow links by viewing the pagesource of the website.

Finding backlinking opportunities from blogs that use CommentLuv Go to and search the following code “Enable CommentLuv” cheap cars.  This is just one example and you can also search for other keywords, for example “Enable CommentLuv” unlocked mobile phones.

It is important to realize that these techniques can be penalized by Google if used excessively.

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