First of all you need an android phone, in order to activate the Inbox feature by Google. Given here are three methods including a trick to activate inbox in your Google account. After activating the Inbox in an android, you can access the same in desktop using the Google Chrome browser (

How to Activate Inbox by Google - The Google Now for email

1. Send mail to [email protected] requesting The Gmail Team for an invite.
2. Ask your friend to send you an invite.

How to send an invite to your friend.

  • Open inbox app.
  • Click create button (big red button)
  • Choose Invite Inbox – select your contacts to send the invite.

3. This is a trick to activate the Inbox feature, If you have an android with inbox activated account, follow the steps below.

  • Add the second account to the phone in which inbox needs to be activated.
  • Switch accounts in inbox app, voila! you got inbox activated in the second account.
  • After that you can access inbox from desktop too (chrome browser).
  • You can activate inbox in any number of accounts by using the same method.

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