What is Google Panda Update?

It is an algorithm released by Google to the world’s largest search engines. The update is contrived to reduce the importance of sites that abrade or copy content from another sites around World Wide Web. It gives a reminder that how Google can react when it finds duplicate content. Besides, it has also promoted the ranking of some websites e.g. YouTube but also had negative effects on many sites.

How Google Panda update affects your business websites

Sites Affected by Google Panda Update

The websites, which seems to be hit hardest, are known as “content farms”. These are defined by Wikipedia as a website, with the aim of hiring big number of professional writers to create fresh content. It is specifically designed to provide highest retrieval of created text by search engines .We are highly thankful to verify that it has been written to assure the policies of Google algorithms.

Numbers of websites are there that frequently make use of spammed content. But that content incorporates large number of keywords phrases and keywords. Panda Update will demote those websites and will drop the rankings through the floor. At present, Google Panda Update causes the search engine to peruse more on the relevancy and the uniqueness of the content to the given topic, instead of focusing more on keywords used on these sites.

  • Website that Google Panda Update target are as follow:
  • Websites with the excess of duplicate content.
  • Websites with low amount of original content and large amount of copied content.
  • Advertisements which doesn’t appear to be relevant and are appropriate with respect to the topic.
  • The page title that doesn’t match the search queries with the page of having high performance.
  • The web pages which are over optimized or uses the text with too many keywords.
  • The page of website with low traffic.
  • The pages with higher number of bounce rate.
  • The WebPages with less back links.
  • Website with indistinguishable content on every page
  • Very few links coming from the Social Media websites.

Any of the above-mentioned liabilities can result to the spamming by Search Engines. In order to use the faulty errors, the companies use white hat techniques to get better ranking in search engines. Follow the given steps to get rid of being spammed.

  • Divest yourself of the advertisements, which are irrelevant or used in excess to enhance the product.
  • Ensure that your pages do not contain any duplicate content and check its uniqueness before posting it to the website.
  • The title of the content must be relevant to the text pasted. The pages with discrepancies are hit hardest most of the times.
  • Keep updating each page with some fresh content, it will increase traffic to the website and Search Engine will also improve the rankings.

Exquisite content writing plumes itself in being capable of providing the best copywriting for every website. Whether you need original content or content to be spun altogether, SEO services in India provide you the guaranteed SEO services to satisfy your Google Panda needs. Thus, Google panda update affects the internet marketing business through various techniques and thus fastweb formula also proves helpful in ranking your website.

Anna Cleanthous writes about the white hat techniques to build the ranking of your website with Fastweb ADSL formula as well.

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