Since the turn of the millennium, the number of cell phone users has increased extraordinarily. Where at one time a cell phone was considered affordable for a select few, now every person owns one. From children entering their teens to octogenarians, having a phone has become necessary. This increase in usage has required the makers to develop new technologies and models. You can see new versions released into the market every week. A major reason behind this increased popularity is mobile broadband. The best mobile broadband packages offer internet speeds that rival the speed you enjoy on your computer or laptop. In this day and age, you have to buy a cell phone to stay connected.

Cell Phone Spying

How Cell Phone Spying Use Resulted in Harassment and Threatening

Over the years, cell phone technology has progressed in leaps and bounds. One of the significant developments in this era is related to cell phone spying. The use of cell phones in criminal activities, particularly in the planning phase, has prompted law enforcement authorities to monitor the phones of suspected criminals. The technology is present, but the issue is that it can be used by people with malicious intent. The number of cases where cell phone spying was used in a wrong way has increased.

The problem with every new technology is preventing it from falling into wrong hands. More often than not, that is what happens and the vulnerable public becomes the victim. With cell phone spying, the technology has been used to bother and harass several citizens.

How it Works

Through cell phone spying, there are a number of ways in which a person can mess about with someone’s phone.

  • The calls from that phone can be tapped and recorded. The caller will have no idea that his calls are being recorded and he might divulge some important personal information. This is a way in which data is compromised frequently.
  • The text messages, sent and received, can be monitored. Like calls, the user would have no inkling that his correspondence through text messages is being observed.
  • The third and most important way in which cell phone spying works is by tracking the movements of the owner. Wherever that person goes, you can check his/her exact whereabouts through cell phone spying.
  • The cell phone works as a microphone. With the technology, the speaker on the phone can be activated remotely and you can actually hear what is going around the owner. The striking thing about this is that the cell phone doesn’t even have to be in the hands of the owner. It could be lying on the bed or in his/her pocket.

As you can see, cell phone spying empowers a person to interfere with the personal lives of people significantly. A hapless victim, who is unaware that he/she is being spied on, is a sitting duck. Even if you have a high tech, complicated cell phone with the best mobile broadband, you are vulnerable.

Harassment and Threatening

While the agencies love the new technology, it was a matter of time before it was ill used. The technology for cell phone spying fell into the wrong hands. Not only this, people have found a way to use it for their nefarious purposes. There are several detective companies that offer tracking services for people who suspect their spouses are cheating on them or their children have fallen into bad company. Instead of using it the way it is intended, a few individuals hire the company to keep an eye on someone not even related to them. They are able to obtain discreet personal information of that individual. This is the worst use of cell phone spying.

Over time, with the fear of being caught next to none, the criminals start threatening their victims. There have been several instances where the personal information was used as a bargaining device to obtain money from the injured party. In other cases, the threats were more direct, with obscene messages and phone calls being made.

The most terrible part of this whole affair is that there is little the victim can do to escape. The most obvious way to do this is to install spyware on your cell phone. Do this immediately after purchasing a cell phone. Once you are under the spying radar, even changing phones or numbers would not work. Also, keep your phone password protected so that your personal information remains safe.


You can see how cell phone spying use resulted in harassment and threatening. The best way to keep yourself safe is by shunning the use of a cell phone. That is not quite possible at present. Use spyware and keep your phone as protected as possible. Keep in mind that cell phone spying offers people a window into your life. Your privacy is going to be compromised.

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