4G is the next big thing for Indians, with telecom operators rolling out the super high-speed LTE network to every corner of the country. A much greater adoption by telecom operators than the 3G rollout.

The India 4G LTE device shipment is growing at a massive rate of 1676 percent compared to last year, with total shipment reaching whooping 33 million in 2015, according to CMR’s India annual LTE (4G) Devices Market Review 2015. The 4G devices comprise a majority of smartphones followed by tablets and 4G data cards.

4G smartphones shipment grew at 1981 percent accounting for around 98 percent of the LTE device shipments in India during 2015. 4G data cards grew at a rate of 148 percent and 4G supported tablets at 90 percent while both contributed to remaining 2% of the LTE devices in India.

India 4G LTE device shipment 2015

Contrary to 3G evolution, the ecosystem provisioning has been much rapid and smooth in case of 4G.,” said Faisal Kawoosa, Lead Analyst, CMR Telecoms Practice.”We have now over 35 million users equipped with 4G capable devices.” he added.

With all major operators embracing it, especially with Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel’s full-blown 4G launch, the Indian market is heading towards what can be called as the 4G era.” commented Krishna Mukherjee, Analyst, CMR Telecoms Practice.

Leading the 4G device race, global smartphone leader Samsung accounts for 35 percent of the smartphone market and 63 percent of the tablet market in India. Chinese mobile vendors Lenovo (along with Motorola) and Xiaomi stood at second and third place with 21% and 10% market shares respectively.

India 4G LTE device market share

India brands in 4G LTE device segment seems to be dropping in front of the global players with only 14 percent in the 4G LTE device market and Micromax being the only Indian brand in top five spots.

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