It seems tech giants are revamping itself to the modern internet world, as Google, Yahoo and Bing has unveiled completely redesigned logo giving them a new identity.

To start with the leader in search engines, Google has refined the color palette and letter shapes of their logo to bring in an flatter look. The changes seem to be very little but noticeable as the letters now seems to be made more flat with colors getting adjusted. Google has earlier redesigned their logo way back in 2010 when they removed the shades and colors were sharpened.

In addition Google also have announced the updated Google bar, that brings new app launcher under the ‘Apps’ grid located at the top right of the screen. [source]

Google flatter redesigned logo

Next the second largest search engine provider, Bing gets a brand new look that’s more in line with the Microsoft’s branding. The new modern design is focused on simplicity, speed and visual appeal. “The logo, obviously, is a big deal for us, a lot more angular and fresh and sharper than we’ve used in the past,” commented Lawrence Ripsher, the Design Lead for Bing’s User Experiences in an interview with The Verge.

The new angular logo got a re-stylized ‘b’ in lowercase that’s sharp and aligns neatly with the Segoe font for the wordmark. The new changes can be previewed here, were it also explains the changes that’s coming to [source]

Bing redesigned Logo

At last the old tech giant, Yahoo get’s a refresh with the redesigned new logo. The new logo stays true to the Yahoo roots with whimsical, purple and an exclamation point, yet embraced the modern evolution. It’s part of an effort from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer on the 30 days of change that brings fresh visual appeal to the whole brand. [source]

Yahoo brand redesigned logo

Yahoo has unveiled an amazing video that animates the design notes

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