It’s been a long wait, for years and years Google Adsense Indian publishers were yelling for direct wire transfer or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment option for their earning, unlike the cheque payments that would take several weeks to get clear and paid. Finally Google India through their Adsense product forum has announced the availability of international wire transfers or EFT payment option for Adsense Indian publishers.

With this Indian Adsense publishers can get their earning way quickly, within 3-5 days through EFT directly to their linked bank account. No more waiting for the cheques and going round the banks to cash it.

Google India brings EFT Payments to Adsense Publishers In India

Currently the wire transfer option is available as an invitation only mode and publishers can opt-in to wire transfer payments for the upcoming March scheduled payment. If you are Adsense publisher who would like to get try out the wire transfer option, you will need to put “self hold” on the payments before Sunday, 16 March, 2014 06:00 (AM) IST to be eligible for this months payment. Once self hold been placed Google will upgrade the account and you will get a new option to provide wire transfer instructions for your bank account.

  • Put a ‘self-hold’ on your payments (under the payment settings options) before 16th March
  • Google will upgrade your Adsense account
  • New payment option to input your wire transfer or EFT information of your bank.
  • Get all future payment through EFT or wire transfer

Google will be sending the earning as U.S. Dollar international wire transfers and will be not charging any fees on it, but Indian banks may charge minimal fees of typically Rs  56 to Rs 110 covering the mandatory Service Tax required for currency conversion transactions, but this charges get easily offset by better exchange rates (USD to INR) from banks.

When adding the bank account information for wire transfer, you need to make sure to provide correct up-to-date information as provided by your bank to accept international wire transfers. Following details are required –

  • Your full name as per your Bank statement
  • Your bank account number
  • Bank name
  • SWIFT code which  is unique to your bank
  • Indian Financial System Code (IFSC)

Note that any incorrect information could delay the payments, but unlike the cheque payments, there is no strict monthly deadline for updating the payment details, offering publishers plenty of time to fill the information.

Earlier Indian Adsense publishers have to wait for 3 to 5 weeks for their AdSense cheques to arrive and again wait for weeks to get the cheque cleared. With direct wire transfer option getting available the payment will now directly get credited to their bank account mentioned in their Adsense accounts.

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