Wanna be smart? wear Pixel Buds, a new pair of wireless headphones from Google. It was unveiled at an event held in San Francisco on 4th October 2017. Let’s find out more about this audio accessory and how it can make you smarter.

Google Pixel Buds

Juston Payne, the Google Product Manager, unveiled this smart audio accessory which works perfectly with Pixel 2. Pixel Buds are the first pair of premium headphones from team Google. These are designed to deliver clear highs and deep bass, so even a jazz or symphony will sound incredible. Controlling Pixel Buds is super simple, just tap to start and stop your music or slide forwards and backwards to change the volume.

Google Pixel Buds

Now comes the most interesting part, you can also access Google Assistant by simply touching these Buds. You can then ask her to perform a task like translate, play music, send a text, give walking directions, all while keeping your phone in your pocket. It can also alert you to new notifications and read text messages.

The real-time translation experience works only with Google Pixel phones as of now. When you ask her to translate, say “Help me speak in Japanese”,  the Google Translate app will pop up on the phone and everything is pretty straightforward then. Go ahead and speak in your native language, the other person will hear it in his language. When the other guy replies, you will hear it in your native language. Talking about Google Translate, it is getting spectacular with cloud-based neural networks for machine learning. With the help of Pixel buds, Pixel phone and translate app, you can now have a natural conversation in 40 languages. However, you need a data connection and less noisy ambience for things to work smoothly.

Design & Specification

These buds are designed for comfort, it also has an adjustable loop and cord to prevent it from falling off. These have a capacitive touchpad on the right bud, accelerometer for detecting motion, and Bluetooth for pairing. The Pixel Buds has 120mAh inbuilt battery and comes in a pocket-sized charging case that provides up to 5 hours of listening time in one go. The case also holds multiple charges(620mAh) so you get up to 24 hours of the listening time when you’re on the go.

For charging, you need to place the Pixel Buds inside the case which is equipped with USB-C port. The charging case also plays a role in pairing the buds with your phone. Pixel buds are available in Clearly White, Kind of Blue and Just Black to beautifully complement the Pixel 2.


Pixel Buds can be pre-ordered now for $159 and will be available by November. Pixel Buds are a clear competitor to Apple AirPods but the case isn’t equipped with wireless charging capability. Both works interchangeably with Android and iOS, however, some of the sensor functionalities may be restricted. Since both cost $159, it will be a tough call, then again if you are fan or owner of iPhone or Pixel, your choice is effortless. Hope you enjoyed the article, Peace!

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