India Govt requesting personal information is on rise, taking second spot just behind US (8,438 requests) in Google’s transparency report. According to the latest Google transparency report, there is steady increase in government requests for users’ data during the second half of 2012. Transparency Report provides great insight on government’s and non-government agencies requests for personal information and to remove web contents from Google.

Google Transparency Report – India ranks Second in Requesting Personal Information

During the time period July to December 2012, there has been 2,431 Government requests for disclosure of user data from Google accounts or services and 4,106 Users/Accounts request. Of that request , Google complied to around 66% request.

In the previous report the number of content removal requests Google received from Indian Government increased by whooping 49% compared to the previous reporting period.

Note that this transparency report doesn’t include new data on content removals and which will be released separately in the coming weeks.

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