Travelling to different parts of India and getting troubled to communicate in local languages? The new update for Google Translate mobile app adds spoken translation support for eight Indian languages – Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. Thus covering around 80% of the language spoken in the country.

The phonetic input support in Indian languages allow users to speak directly to the app and get a translation to their words in text or vocal format in any of the other supported languages. For example if you are travelling through TamilNadu and having trouble in understanding the tamil language spoken their, hit open the Google Translate app and press the mic icon to listen the tamil words you are hearing. The translator app will now flawlessly convert that to your desired language including English or any other Indian languages.

Google Translate App gets Phonetic input for eight Indian languages

Earlier one could only input text, write or take a picture these Indian languages, but the latest update drastically changes the way we use the app. This suggest that Google has vastly improved their voice recognition system for highly diverse Indian languages. We can expect this voice recognition to soon come to Google Now service making it more appeal to Indian users.

Other than the Indian phonetic input support, the latest Google Translate update bring slight changes to its UI elements along with improved in offline language packs experience. The update is now rolling out in phased manner to all users.

Source – Google Translate App

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