An easy way to share content in “space”. Sharing a thing with your friends or family is a tedious task and if you are on mobile, then it just gets out of control, as it involves swapping between apps to copy and paste links.

To simplify your group sharing efforts, Google has introduced a new group sharing app called Spaces. As the name suggest Spaces allow users to find and share anything around any topic to anyone without even leaving the app.

Google launches Spaces - a simple Group sharing App

Rather than jumping from one app to another, users can easily find and share articles, links, videos and images directly on Spaces without leaving the app, as Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome come built in. One can use the quick search feature to find older articles, videos, images or comments that been shared on Spaces. With an innovative conversational view, users can see what the group is talking and take part in it quickly.

So if you have already started building your small group Spaces, you can start inviting your friends, family or anyone via messaging, emailing, sharing on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

Google Spaces app works on both Android and iOS devices and also supports desktop and mobile web. Google is currently rolling out the service to all Gmail accounts.

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