Google Scribe  Automatic Text Editing Tool

Google Scribe one of the Google labs application helps you to write better documents. Using information from what you have already typed in a document, Google Scribe’s text completion service provides related word or phrase completion suggestions. It also checks your documents for incorrect phrases, punctuations, and other errors like misspellings. In addition to saving keystrokes, Google Scribe’s suggestions indicate correct or popular phrases to use.

Google Scribe Features

  • Correct your document as you type
  • Text completion in 12 languages
  • Automatic text for links
  • Smarter text formating toolbar
  • Google Scribe Link Suggestions
  • Google Scribe Semantic Proofreading
  • Keyboard and mouse functions
  • Using Google Scribe as a Bookmarklet
  • Google Scribe Chrome Extension – Download here
Google Scribe automatic text writing and faster formatting
Google Scribe automatic text writing and faster formatting

It’s a great tool for all articles writers out there, it will save a lot of time, also it will help to write meaning full sentence within a short-span of time.

Try out the Google Scribe at   and do post what you feel using it.

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