Simple and secure, minus the social spam‘ that’s Google new Google+ Sign-In feature bringing in unified login across the web or Android and iOS apps, way similar to Facebook connect. With Google+ Sign-In, users can sign in to apps or website with Google account credentials, and bring along their Google+ info for an upgraded experience.

Announcing the feature on Google+ Developers Blog, Seth Sternberg, Director of Product Management Google+, emphasized on four key points to make the overall experience of user awesome. The first being the Simplicity and security that comes with Google+ Sign-In. Users can use Google credentials (including the 2-step verification process) to sign in to apps and websites outside of Google, they just need to review and agree to the Google+ permissions screen which outlining the data user sharing with the app, and the people who can see their activity.

Google brings Simple And Secure Minus The Social Spam login feature with Google+ Sign-In

Second one is “Desktop and mobile are better together”, when a user sign in to a website with Google account, they are promoted to install its mobile app on their Android device with a single click.

Third point is “Sharing is selective; spraying is just spam“, with Google+ Sign-In and circles users can decide who to share with, if at all. In addition Google+ doesn’t let apps spray “frictionless” updates all over the stream, so app activity will only appear when it’s relevant.

The final point emphasizes on “Sharing is for doing, not just viewing“,  when users share from an app that uses Google+ Sign-In, their friends will see a new kind of “interactivepost in their Google+ stream. Clicking will take them inside the app, where they can buy, listen to, or review exactly what the user shared.

If you are a developer head over here to grab the developer docs, some popular apps and website have already started integrating the Google+ Sign-In, live example include TuneIn, Shazam , The Guardian etc.

SourceGoogle + Developers

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