New users while signing up for Google+ account mostly miss out lots of features in it especially the Google+ Circles, an innovative way to organize your contacts. For new users it’s easy to miss friends and colleagues who’ve recently joined Google+. Making it easy for new users to find their friends and colleagues and to add them to their circles, Google has renamed the ‘Circles’ feature in Google+ to ‘Find People’.

The Circles icon in the menu ribbon is now labeled Find People. Clicking on it, will bring a new page with a list of people the user might want to add. Google will show users, people they already talking on different Google services like Gmail, Youtube and other Google products. Google+ will provide more suggestions by allowing users to search by their school, workplace, or other email accounts.

Easily find friends & colleagues on Google+, renames Circles to ‘Find People’

Google + has not entirely removed the old Circle feature, its available in the new Find People section under “Your circles” button at the top of the page. From their users can use the circle editor to see all of their circles and organize the people.

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