Google is listening to its users, the long requested vanity URLs for profile and brand pages are here. Thus making it even easier for people to find your profile on Google+. Google is rolling out custom vanity URLs for a limited set of verified profiles and pages. The custom vanity URL is a short, easy to remember web address that links directly to your profile or page on Google+.

Google+ brings Custom Vanity URLs for Verified Profiles and Pages

Google has already enabled this feature for numbers of verified top profiles and pages, like David Beckham (+David Beckham), Toyota (+Toyota), Britney Spears (+Britney Spears) and Ubidoft (+Ubisoft).  So now celebrities and brands can easily point fans or customers to their profile and pages. Earlier they were needed to shared the 21 long string to customers which was not piratical enough.

According to Google+ official postWe’ve started rolling out custom URLs to a limited set of verified profiles and pages on Google+. (In fact, now you can find us at While we’re not quite ready for everyone to start claiming their own custom URLs, we plan to expand the availability over time.

Yup, at the moment Google has introduced custom URLs to a limited number of verified profiles and pages. But over time they are planning to offer custom URLs to many more brands and individuals, so stay tuned!

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