Google rolled out yet another important feature to its social networking initiative Google+, Trending topics with in your Google+ search results. Much like the famous Twitter‘s Trending Topics, Google+ trending topics shows the top 10, much talked and popular discussions on Google+. Clicking on any of the trending topics will take you to a search query within Google+ on that trend.

Google plus Trends on Google+ search results

This seems to be a cool feature, as through this we can get information on what’s currently hot on the web. Google+ has also added more features to its social network like enhancement in Google+ Search. Now users can search on Google+ within their own posts or through their circles or the default entire Google+ social network.

So Google seems to be adding lots of features to Google+ day by day. Cant wait to see next feature to come up.

Do comment what do you think about the new trending topic on Google plus?

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