If you love reading books on Google Play Books app and have lots of eBooks lying on your computer, then the new update will bring them closer. Google has added the ability to upload your own eBooks to Google Play Books library and access then from any device.

Google Play Books updated to support your own eBooks upload

With the latest update you can upload your own eBooks in the EPUB or PDF format through Google Play Books online library from PC or can import directly from Google Drive. Users can keep up to 1000 EPUB or PDF files (with file size less than 50MB) in Google Play for free and read it anywhere, in the web browser, on Android or iOS devices. Google will also sync your page position, bookmarks, and notes across all your devices and on web.

When compared, popular Amazon Kindle app allows user upload contents through WhisperSync’ technology, but it works on awkward email attachment. Google’s straight forward book uploading to library gives them distinct advantage over others especially Apple Kindle service and  Apple iBooks.

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