Google Pixel and Pixel XL have been listed for pre-order on Flipkart. Pre-orders are slated to start on October 13th. The Pixel starts at Rs 57000 for the 32GB variant and goes all the way up to Rs 66000 for the 128 GB variant. The Pixel XL, on the other hand, start at Rs 67000 and goes all the way up to a whopping Rs 76000 for the 128GB variant. The Really blue color is missing from the listing while the Quite Black and Very Silver variants of both the phones are listed.

Google introduces Pixel and Pixel XL android smartphone

The Flipkart exclusive phones [link] will go on sale on October 13th, 2016. It will be interesting to see how the Indian audience receives the newest phones from Google. The phones are expensive when compared to Nexus phones of yesteryear with the pricing resembling that of what apple prices for its iPhones.

Google Pixel & Pixel XL Pricing

  • Google Pixel 32GB version will cost Rs 57,000
  • Pixel 128 GB is priced at Rs 66,000
  • Google Pixel XL 32GB is priced at Rs 67,000
  • Pixel XL – 128GB is priced at Rs 76,000

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