Google PageSpeed Online, an online service that uses Google’s technology and infrastructure to automatically speeds up loading of websites. Google PageSpeed Service allows you to optimize your web pages automatically on the fly. You may have read our earlier post on “Setuping Google PageSpeed Service for Your Website”, which give you a quick start on setting up the service on your website.

Google PageSpeed new optimizations for Turbocharging Web Sites

Google Engineers are frequently working on new optimizations that can make pages load even faster. Recently they introduced a new rewriter called “Cache and Prioritize Visible Content” which enables users to start interacting with the web page and consuming the content much sooner. This is done by optimizing the page as a whole using the following web page-aware techniques :

  • Make HTML cacheable.This rewriter separates the non-cacheable portions from the HTML and enables caching for the rest of the content on Google PageSpeed servers. When the page is loaded, PageSpeed servers send the cacheable parts immediately while non-cacheable parts are fetched from the origin server and patched into the browser later. The non-cacheable data is mostly personalized information from the website.
  • Prioritize visible content rendering.This rewriter automatically determines and prioritizes the content that is above the fold of the browser, so that it doesn’t have to compete with the rest of the page.
  • Defer Javascript. JavaScript execution is deferred until page load so that it doesn’t block rendering of visible content

Here is a video explaining about the new optimizations (rewriters) and how to configure the rewriters for your websites –

This rewriter works best when the page content is mostly generated on the server rather than via Javascript and only small portions of it are personalized.

Have you tried this new rewriters for your website, do you feel any difference in web page loading. Do let us know by commenting below.

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