With the opening up of Device store in Google Play and offering Nexus 7 tablets, Google is pushing its contents to the Indian market. Now buy or rent thousands of Indian and international movie titles, from new releases to classics on Google play. Google has officially launched Movies in Google Play store in India.

Google Open Up Movies on Google Play in India

Google Play Movies allow you to buy or rent SD and HD movies for as little as Rs 50. You can choose from thousands of movies on Google Play including HD titles, new releases, award-winning films or your favorite classics.  Movies are categorized to comedy, drama, animation, action or a documentary and family.  If you are renting a movie, you can choose from SD and HD quality and start watching within 30 days of purchase, which you can continue to watch for up to 48 hours. If you are purchasing the movie, then it will be available in your library, where you’ll be able to watch it on the web and on compatible devices. With rented movies there is DRM restrictions,allowing you to watch the movies in only five authorized devices you have added.

Google Play Movies Bollywood Films

For watching movies that you have purchased or rented on your Android device you will need the Google Play Movies & TV app. This app allows you to stream movies instantly on your Android phone or tablet, or download the movie so you can watch from anywhere, even when you’re not connected. It also take the video collection, included in your phone or tablet, making it a complete video play app.

It seems there is only a few, around 34-50 Indian movie titles currently available in the Google Play Movies and most of them are Bollywood movies. No regional language movies where available, which seems Google has only limited license from major studios. Google have manged to get a great collection of Hollywood movies from major studios including 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Google recently only launched Google Play Books in India offering thousands of Indian and international titles which include titles from great Indian authors such as Amish Tripathi, Devdutt Pattanaik and APJ Abdul Kalam, plus international bestsellers from the world’s largest ebookstore, carrying over 4 million titles.

SourceGoogle Play Movies

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