Backup up your personal trove or phone regularly is an important thing to do. So, whatever happens to your phone, you won’t lose all your contacts, apps, photos and messages. It will also help you quickly restore everything to a new phone. Well, Google is here to help you out. The tech giant is making the automatic phone backup feature in its subscription-based cloud storage service Google One, free for all users. Yup, whether you have an active subscription or not, you could use your free Google storage quota to regularly backup your phone.

Google One free automatic phone backup

With Google One, you could back up everything from texts, contacts and apps, and photos and videos. Also, the tech giant has introduced a new storage manager tool, which helps you to identify and clean up your files across Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail.

Google One free Phone Backup

As many of you know, Google bundles 15GB (or more through various promotional offers) cloud storage in each account. This cloud storage space is used across various Google services like Gmail, Google Phones, Google Drive etc. With Google One, you could fully utilise this space and automatically backup your phone data for free.

Even if you don’t have a paid subscription in Google One, you could use the app/service to backup your entire phone. You could set automatic backup on everything from SMS, messages, apps, photos and videos. For free users, the backup data will occupy your free 15GB storage quota in your Google account.

  • Download Google One app and sign-in with your Google account
  • On the initial screen itself, you will have an option to set automatic backup for your device. You also have an option to choose what all data need to be back up like, device data (app data), multimedia messages (SMS, MMS) and photos & videos.
  • Now, just click “Back up now” to start full backup of your data.

In any case, you exceed the free storage quota (15GB) in your Google account, you have an option to opt for Google One paid membership. It’s buying additional cloud storage from Google, which starts as low as Rs 1,300 per year or Rs 130 per month for 100GB storage. There are extra perks for becoming a Google One member, as you could share the storage with five family members, get coupons for various services, free Google Play credits and live phone and chat customer support directly with Google.

To get starts, you could download the Google One app from Google Play store. For iOS/iPhone users, the company will launch a new app in the coming weeks.

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