We Indians really love the sports cricket it has no boundaries, people of all age group, gender, cast and creed in Metros, towns and villages equally love it. It won’t be wrong to say Cricket is a religion in India. Cricket’s mega mela the World Cup T20 and the Indian Premier League (IPL) is around the corner and Google want to be a part of it with the newly added support for Cricket notifications in Google Now.

Google Now can get you live scores, game schedules and team news on your favorite Cricket team whenever they are playing or about to play. One can add their favourite International Cricket team like ‘Indian Cricket team’ or can add IPL teams like ‘Mumbai Indians’, ‘Chennai Super Kings’ or ‘Delhi Daredevil’ to Google Now.

Google Now adds support for Cricket Notification - Add up your International and IPL teams

To add your favorite Cricket team on Google Now, just go to the customization menu and under Sports team, search and add the teams. Search for ‘Cricket’ and you will get all the available International Cricket teams and search specific for any IPL teams.

Google Now is a personal search assistant that takes your location, search history and the time into effect to present you with information that is custom-tailored to your needs. Google Now provide the personalized information in the form of cards and appears throughout the day at the moment you need them, all happening automatically. Learn more about Google Now on our previous article

Once you add the teams, whenever they are about to play a match, Google Now will show up cards to remind you about the match or will show the latest scores and fixtures while the match is going on.

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