Google has officially launched Google Music in USA only in partnership with three of the major record companies, a competing music service like Apple’s iTunes store, Amazon music store etc. Google music was launched at a Android event in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon. The service originally launched at Google I/O in May 2011 as Google Music Beta.

Google Music enabled us to upload our personal music collection (up to 20,000 songs) for free to the cloud so we could stream it anywhere, any time, through PC or mobile. Google Music is about discovering, purchasing, sharing and enjoying digital music in new, innovative and personalized ways. Google Music helps to automatically sync our entire music library—both purchases and uploads—across all devices so we don’t have to worry about cables, file transfers or running out of storage space.

Google Music Goes Live on USA - Android Music Store

Google Music Store is now available in the Android Market on the web as Android Music. An Android Music apps is on its way for Android 2.2 or higher. The music store offers more than 13 million tracks from artists on Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI, and the global independent rights agency Merlin as well as over 1,000 prominent independent labels including Merge Records, Warp Records, Matador Records, XL Recordings and Naxos. Google has also partnered with the world’s largest digital distributors of independent music including IODA, INgrooves, The Orchard and Believe Digital.

Google also have added its music sharing feature with its social networking initiative Google+.  Users can share a full play of the song purchased with their friends on Google+.

Google Music Share with Friends on Social Networking Google Plus
Google Music Share with Friends on Social Networking Google Plus

Google has also grabbed some exclusive music tracks on their music store. Like an exclusive, never-before-released live concert album of Brussels Affair (Live, 1973), Shakira’s live EP from her recent concert in Paris and her new studio single, “Je L’Aime à Mourir” and lots more.

Google Music also brings Artist hub, through which any artist who has all the necessary rights can distribute his or her own music on our platform, and use the artist hub interface to build an artist page, upload original tracks, set prices and sell content directly to fans essentially becoming the manager of their own far-reaching music store.

Google Music is now only open to U.S at Android Music Store, so Google users from other countries have to wait longer. So if you are in USA start listening to Google music on your phone or tablet or PC today.

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