Google has revamped its mobile search engine for both Phones and Tablets, to make them look more richer, more beautiful, and more interactive, along with it added extra functionality. Google’s new revamped look reminds of Google Now style information cards.

Now when you search on mobile or tablet, you’ll see more improvements in the way Google providing quick answers, including better understanding what information users need and surfacing the most relevant information. Everything styled in the new Google Now type information cards with cool user interface. Let’s see an example, when you search for “weather” on Google from your mobile, you’ll see a new 10 day and hourly weather forecast that you can interact with. Similarly another quick answer features is the full integrated scientific calculator, search anything like “1+2” or anything to calculate and Google will bring up the answer in the interactive scientific calculator.

Google Mobile Search Get Richer, Smarter and more Interactive
Google Mobile Search Get Richer, Smarter and more Interactive

Other quick answer features available on mobile and tablet cover flight search, calculator, finance, currency conversion, unit conversion, dictionary definitions, local time lookup, and holiday and sunrise times.

Google Mobile Search - Quick answer features
Google Mobile Search – Quick answer features

In all these quick answers Google have simplified the experience so users can fully focus on the answer they are looking for. These new revamped Google mobile search changes are rolling out to those searching on in English on mobile and tablet.

Google Voice Search on Mobile

Google also updated the Google Search App for iOS and Android, now users can search using voice and the Google search app will speak your answer right back to them. And, using Google’s Knowledge Graph, the search app gives users smarter answers loud and clear.

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